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Master Robert Larsen
Teachers Circle
Off-site Demonstrations and Class Instruction

Master Robert Larsen is a psychotherapist in private practice. He originally studied with Master Cheng Man Ching in New York City and has practiced the art of Tai-Chi for over thirty years. Robert has experience in several martial arts, including 12 years of Aikido, and has taught Yoga, Zen meditation and Kundalini.

In his study of archetypal psychology and dream work, Robert has worked and studied closely with James Hillman, Arnold and Amy Mindell, and Robert Bosnak. Travels have taken Robert around the world to study with teachers and live with aboriginal villages.

Robert offers a unique and powerful approach to the study of relationship through a martial art. In the hands of a practiced artist the adventure of learning Birthing Life Tai-Chi affirms life in depth.

Teachers Circle 

Master Robert is joined by a circle of teachers who have studied at the Birthing Life Tai-Chi Center for several years. Birthing Life Tai-Chi teachers teach ongoing classes at the Center and several health clubs and other businesses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. They have also provided demonstrations and workshops for a variety of organizations.

Robert Larsen • David Stewart • Matt Weinman • Seth Jones • Rob Grunewald • Oceana Lawler-Larsen •Mary Bacon • Gwen Kelly

 Off-Site Demonstrations
and Class Instruction

If you are interested in having a teacher provide a Tai-Chi demonstration or teach a 6- to 8-week introductory course, please contact the Tai-Chi Center at 612-281-9998 or e-mail Rates vary according to need.

Below is a list of organizations where Birthing Life Tai-Chi teachers have taught ongoing classes and demonstrations.

Ongoing Classes
Cottage Grove Community Center
Downtown YWCA
Marcy Open School
Midtown YWCA
Portland Avenue Health Club

St. Paul YWCA
Southdale YMCA
Southwest Community Center
Uptown YWCA

Anoka Fitness Center
Azur Health Group
Camp Unistar (1 week intensive)
Century College
Elementary schools
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Maple Grove High School
Minnesota and Wisconsin Cooperatives Annual Meeting
Northeast Family and Community Resource Center
Plymouth Congregational Church
Plymouth Youth Center
Roseville Alternative School
St. Paul Academy