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Classes held at
Twin Cities Friends Meeting
1725 Grand Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105
and via Zoom

Class open for new students on Mondays at 5:30 pm

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As light as a feather and as rooted as a tree reaching deep into the earth, T’ai-Chi moves effortlessly like a white crane spreading her wings and fluidly like ocean currents streaming through a bed of swaying kelp. T’ai-Chi is an exploration of the flow of nature within our bodies. Practicing T’ai-Chi is both calming and energizing as reflected in the yin-yang symbol where the black and white sides complement and flow with each other just as night yields to day and day yields to night. As such T’ai-Chi is both a moving meditation and a martial art that cultivates stability, flexibility, and fluidity.

The Birthing Life T’ai-Chi Center was founded by Robert Larsen who originally studied the Yang-style form with Master Cheng Man-ch’ing in New York City. Over the past four decades Master Robert with other teachers and students developed a method of body alignment, breathing, and relaxation that helps students attune to the flow and release of chi or vital energy. Practicing T’ai-Chi helps cultivate and integrate chi into everyday movement and promotes body awareness, physical health, emotional well-being, and mental equanimity.

Our approach to teaching T’ai-Chi is like the T’ai-Chi movements themselves—slow, gentle, and individualized as we value each student’s unique experience and goals. While there are common principles and movements in T’ai-Chi, everyone’s body and learning styles are different. We also consider the teacher in front of class as a guide to learning T’ai-Chi while the essential teacher—the innate wisdom of the body—speaks through the sensations we feel while exploring alignment, movement, and chi flow. As we invite you to listen inside, we commit to listening carefully to your experience and responding to what your body needs at a pace that integrates with how you learn best.

Classes are held at Twin Cities Friends Meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota, and via Zoom. Students also have access to video class recordings.

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